Hiring Algorithms: Getting the Best Fit Faster

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Hiring algorithms are not designed to replace recruiters. Rather, they are here to optimize the process of hiring qualified candidates by making recruitment more productive. Hiring algorithms are a set of artificial intelligence and data-driven operations that ensure organizations hire the best fit talent with minimal or zero human bias while optimizing the process and getting talents that are broadly considered the best fit.

Artificial Intelligence-driven recruitment has been long talked about by HR business leaders, enthusiasts and HR events. For certain schools of thought, computers and robots would replace man in the workplace but what we have seen over the years is computers and robots becoming part of a healthy workplace, making people much more productive.

Poorly calculated hiring decisions can be costly for organizations. This has led to a lot of organization into hiring and firing within a noticeably short time span. According to Brandon-Hall research, 95% of organizations make poor decisions in their hiring process. That is why organizations like Facebook and Google, include hiring algorithms in their processes.

Another report by Career Builder says 78% of employers are utilizing some form of recruitment technology and confirmed that it makes finding great talent easier than ever. There are several benefits of artificial-intelligence recruitment hiring. Let us have a look.

Benefits of Hiring Algorithms

  • Improves Your Hiring Process:
    The right artificial intelligence-assisted recruitment process would lead to boosting your organisation’s hiring quality. Redundant tasks are automated, which accelerates hire-time and ensures the recruitment manager and/or team focuses on efficiency.
  • Removes Human Bias:
    Putting back the human in HR is very important to an organization’s recruitment process but if human resource management is strictly based on emotions, a lot of bias can crawl into the recruitment process and deny the organization from hiring the best-fit.
  • Boost Hiring Quality:
    Making well-informed hiring decisions based on data increases your organization’s likelihood of hiring the right candidates rather than relying on chance factors or human bias.
  • Cost and Time Efficient:
    The cost efficiency for mass recruitment and quality of candidates hired would ensure you spend less time hiring the right candidate during your process as an artificial intelligence-assisted process would take care of analyzing the volume of applicants quicker.

Recruiters, hiring managers and HR business professionals should ensure they are early adopters because hiring algorithms are here with new gains to ensure your recruitment process is productive.