Millennials 102 | top 5 ways to attract millennials


Millennials find it important in which environment to work and what values to pursue.

According to a recent Millennial Survey study, 76% of millennials believe that the company where they work should contribute to positive changes in society. So, what job features will primarily attract their attention?

  • Offer flexible schedules and time for personal affairs

The technological era blurred the traditional boundaries of the working day and many employees are not confined to the office. The work-life balance is the top priority for millennials when choosing a place to work.

This means that companies are more likely to intercept and retain the most talented members of Generation Y if they can offer them a flexible work schedule.

You may offer an option for remote projects. Mobile devices allow employees to create an individual schedule that best suits their lifestyles and boosts productivity.

  • Offer an attractive bonus system

Bonuses and values are important factors for candidates when deciding whether or not to agree to work. Most job seekers study employer bonuses while reading a job.

One way or another, many companies do not realize that their bonus plans may show a biased attitude towards some members of society. The language of the bonus message must be clear and transparent.

  • Make a straightforward list of responsibilities

Most job descriptions are dazzling with a list of requirements. But at the same time, some of them provide little information about the responsibilities. It often makes the job post unclear. A potential candidate may be misled thinking he will need to cope with literally everything.

Millennials want to clearly understand the scope of their duties and what results they should bring. They need a full understanding of the goal that needs to be achieved, as well as the means that are acceptable.

  • Show opportunities for professional development and personal growth

A prevailing number of millennials are not against changing their job every few years. It mainly happens as they do not see an attractive perspective in one place for too long.

Therefore, it is vital for your job description to highlight what career growth can await each employee. The post should a so-called guarantee that a seeker will grow over time in your company.

Another important thing to highlight is the ability to obtain valuable certificates with the support of the company, undergo training, and enhance foreign language skills. In particular, it is of great importance for beginners: when a company is aware of a skills shortage but is ready to invest in their development.

  • Show off your company culture

Representatives of this age group can easily find the disadvantages of potential employers. Millennials seek to work for honest companies that value employees. How to prove your company is reliable and promote your company culture to attract new talent?

  • Spread the positive facts about your company online;
  • Show your community engagement and share real stories about your employees on all social networks;
  • Think of your culture as a brand and start a blog;
  • Make information about your company easy to access.

If you want to attract millennials to your company, you should keep up with the times. Above attraction ways will help focus your vacancy for this audience.

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