Behavioral AssessmentsUse data to predict candidate's behavioral risk and future performance when hiring

We acknowledge the need for a transparent, scientific and unbiased ‘external’ process to validate further the selection decision of a competency-based interview.

A Scientific approach using Personality assessments can help you predict job performance of potential candidates for various senior jobs categories. This is done by measuring 3 key aspects:

  • Leadership strength against specific job competencies
  • Personality-based derailers that can limit the leadership impact of senior candidates in challenging times.
  • Motives, drivers, and preferences of candidates that can help realize if the candidates will thrive within the clients’ environment.

Why use Assessments when hiring senior managers and above?

People form a major element in any business yet it’s the most volatile that require behavioral validation before they are hired. At Forefront, we specialize in helping you obtain a well personalized report on the selected candidates as a scientific validation to make confident decisions and reduce risks of false selection.

Utilizing assessments can help you:

  • Predict future performance of candidates
  • Understand if your organizational culture motivates and drives enough the personality type of the selected candidate
  • Uncover the potential behavioral risk when put under pressure

Utilizing behavioral assessments in recruiting senior managers will:

Speed up the selection decision 

Identify the best fit candidates scientifically

Provide professional experience to Top senior candidates

Reduce the cost of bad hires annually

What do we offer?

Forefront Consultants offer personality Assessments as an Add-on service to the placement service limited to senior management level. 

We offer Assessments in 3 different validation levels:

Complimentary job fit report: Upon receiving the shortlisted Cvs REPORT, you offered 2 complimentary Job fit reports for the top 2 candidates. The report provides an immediate recommendation based on the assessment results and identifies the candidate’s strengths, areas of concern and interview style. It is based on a candidate’s scores on seven dimensions that influence occupational success within seven job categories, depending on the role the candidate is applying for. 

Leadership suitability report: Forefront Consultants offer a further validation tool where we conduct a psychometric assessment to the selected candidates followed by a thorough interview validating the assessment findings and combining the assessment and interview findings to make subjective and sound recommendation. The report of the selected candidate provides information regarding their leadership strength, areas of development and risks, and motives and drivers. The profile is designed to predict a candidate’s innate ability to be a leader. The report will mainly cover:

  • Employment Fit
  • Job Fit
  • Job Risks
  • Organization Fit
  • Candidate Fit Recommendation
  • Candidate Interview Style

On top of that, the report will provide structured answers for a post-assessment interview that is based on the candidate’s assessment results. Our interview answers will increase the understanding of the assessment results as we will probe areas of particular concern regarding the candidate’s job fit. The report also provides a systematic method for making a hiring decision using a combination of the assessment and the interview results.

Personalized assessment based on the organizational competencies: Forefront consultants will map your competencies with the assessment competencies and provide details on the candidates’ scores on each competency. This works best when having multiple candidates to select from. The report will show a table of scores of various candidates to ease up the selection decision and hire the most qualified who possess the highest scores on your competencies.

To further understand the best tool that will help you achieve your objective, write us your requirements and we shall provide you a complimentary advice.

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